Proyectos de Investigación

  • MELTIC “Ideas MELting pot for TIC and Health science for Citizens in small communities (MELTIC)” 

MELTIC Project (Ideas MELting pot for TIC and Health science for Citizens in small communities) is a proposal for co‐creation of research in the disciplines of Health and Information and Communications Technologies to improve the quality of life of European citizens in small communities. MELTIC connects with diverse European Policy challenges such as depopulation, health, active aging, education, youth and climate change and seeks to identify current and future needs of citizens. The objective is to generate, through co‐creation methodologies, suitable ideas for research in ICT in Health and Biomedicine, in topics such as self‐learning, false information discrimination and ludopathy prevention in order to innovate about the use of existing public spaces and/or build new ones. The project will focus on developing a transnational co-creation workshop, during which over 30 participants from small communities with local health‐related profiles (patients, parents, doctors, nurses, associations and politicians) in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Romania will generate a Vade mecum of 100 ideas for research in ICT in Health and Biomedicine and a model for cooperation in small communities in rural areas. Both outputs will be delivered on line and available for small communities to use. 


  • - La Palma del Condado Municipality (Huelva, Spain) – Andres Dochao, Head of Friendly City Programme.

- Mirabello Municipality (Italy) - Roberto D´Amico, Advisor in Friendly Cities Programme.

- Hospital of Deta (Romania) - Dr. Bungău Codruța, Manager.

- Reguengos de Monsaraz (Portugal) - Anabella Caeiro, Head of Friendly City Programme.

Working Packages

- WP1. Project Management and Data Management Plan.
-D1.1. Data Management Plan.D1.1 DMP M3.pdf
-D1.2. Project specification. D1.2. MELTIC Project Specification.pdf
WP2. Analysis of ICTs state of the art.
-D2. Literatura review.
WP3. Stakeholder analysis and context description to feed into the co-creation process. 
-D3: Stakeholder analysis and context description for co-creation process.
WP4. Technological proposal for implementation.
-  WP5. Co-Creation experience in ICT in Health and Biomedicine Research.
-  WP6. Outreach and dissemination.  


- A model for cooperation in the form of a technological proposal to support and encourage socio-spatial interaction of citizens in small communities.

- A vade mecum of 100 ideas about ICT in Health and Biomedicine research.


- Instituto de Salud Carlos III:

- Instituto de la Ingeniería de España:



- ORION Co-creation Call-Open experiments. MELTIC-team 28-30 April 2020. Videoconference. Presentations:

- Presentation meeting 29 May 2020. Videoconference:

- Kick-off meeting 29 June 2020. Videoconference:

Contact us

- Victoria Ramos González, PhD.
-Tenure Scientist  O.P.I.
- Telemedicine and Digital Health Research Unit.

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